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"THANK YOU SO MUCH for my candy!  I loved the different flavors of caramel.  Not only were they unique, but the buttery texture could easily become addictive!  The turtles were decadent, delicious and divine!!  I will be ordering again!"

Sonya B., Detroit, MI

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October 17, 2016

The Ultimate Guide To The Sweetest Candy Shops In The US


"Does the mere mention of gooey caramels, melt-in-your-mouth chocolate and delectable candies make you immediately lick your lips? …Then keep reading."

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June 2016

trendspotting - 5 new retro candies


Want to avoid the popcorn line at Ghostbusters, X-Men or another summer blockbuster? Smuggle in some of these delicious artisanal candies.

Chicago Magazine


October 2015

10 goodies you won't want to give away for halloween


"There's no need to pilfer M&Ms and Snickers from the kid's Halloween bounty when local confectioners are creating such delicious and grown up sweets. Chicago's critics taste tested dozens."

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february 2015

America's Best Candy Shops


"The glass jars neatly lining the shelves are full of rare and imported candy, licorice, and gummies. Her signature OMG Candy Bar — with layers of sea-salt caramel, crunchy hazelnut praline, and creamy chocolate ganache — is a heady sugar rush."

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february 2015

Sweet Home Chicago


"Former marketing-account-manager-turned-pastry-chef Amy Hansen also makes her own dazzling confections like the aptly named OMG candy bar."

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january 2015

Fox 32 Interview - Amy's Candy Bar Hyde Park Pop-up


Corey McPherrin interviews Amy Hansen from Amy's Candy Bar at her new Hyde Park pop-up store and offers an insightful and light-hearted look into her business.

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november 2014

Amy's Candy Bar opens a new location in Hyde Park!


"Sweet! Hyde Park gets a treat with pop-up of Amy’s Candy Bar"

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february 2013

Amy's Candy Bar on the Steve Harvey Show


Amy appears on the Steve Harvey Show and receives business advice and a special surprise for Amy's Candy Bar.

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December 2012

5 Best New Candy Shops


“Ultimate Candy Guide”

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December 2012

Amy's Candy Bar offers delightful and unique sweet treats


“Hansen begins her small batch by heating up sugar and cream, whisking fairly vigorously. Then she adds an imported puree of mango and passionfruit.”

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December 12, 2012

5 Best New Candy Shops


“...sells more than 200 different candies, along with her own handmade confections—like soft caramels and pistachio-almond nougat—at this Lincoln Square shop”

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November 14, 2012

From grandma’s kitchen to Amy’s Candy Bar


“A corporate layoff prompts Amy Hansen to pursue her real passion — baking — which leads to opening up a one-of-a-kind sweets shop.”

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October 2012

6 Spots for Amazing, House-Made Sweets


“Amy Hansen had a sweet dream and made a bold move to follow it. Inspired by her grandmother's goodies as a kid, Hansen developed a passion for baking.”

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september 2012

Candy Quest 2012: Pre-Halloween Edition


“The real bonus at Amy’s had to be the handmade caramels. I have a serious crush on her pucker-worthy passion-fruit mango caramels, though the raspberry and chocolate rounded out a package with the classic salted caramels.”

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september 2012

Coolest Candy Store - Hipsqueak Awards 2012


"That feeling of being a kid in a candy store spans all sweet-toothed ages at this Ravenswood spot, overseen by French Pastry School alum Amy Hansen."

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August 2011

One-Stop Sweet Shop


“Her small, soft lengths of caramel are made from ingredients befitting a graduate of the French Pastry School, like Plugra butter and organic cream.”

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August 2011

First Look - Amy's Candy Bar


“The real stars of the bar are Amy's home-made confections, including sea salt caramels, raspberry caramels, passion fruit-mango caramels and chocolate dipped pistachio-almond nougat.”

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june 2011

Four new candy stores


“French Pastry School grad Amy Hansen just opened this super-cheerful Ravenswood shop, where jars of colorful candies appeal as much to adults as children.”

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June 2011

Your Dentist Hates Amy’s Candy Bar


“Glass jars filled with candy buttons and lipsticks, pinwheels, and Mallo Cups, along with Chocolate Shoppe ice cream, add a nostalgic air to the European confectionary.”

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May 2011

Coming Soon: Amy’s Candy Bar


“In straddling the line between a candy store and a full-service bakery, Hansen hopes to offer a little something to satisfy every sweet tooth.”